Bring it on like fairy song.

“There is no word in the English language for the feeling someone gets when they suddenly realize they're standing next to an unholy monster impersonating a human. Monstralization, maybe?”
- John Dies at the End



i was walking along queen street and i came across this guy

he was standing in the middle of the street, holding a bick up

and he was filming himself

i asked the lady who seemed to be with him (she had an slr around her neck and was taking lots of pictures) what was going on

and apparently, he does this for the experience

i thought he was setting a world record

basically he… holds the brick for as long as he can, in a public place

and films it

he does it in multiple places and days too

that’s really cool

more power to you brick guy

more power

July 4, 2012 / 10 notes
that brick looked HEAVY brick guy oh australia real life posts! humanity is so kawaii sometimes
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